On The Death of Tony

On The Death Of Tony

My last memory of Tony

was a chance meeting

in a supermarket,

laughing as friends do.

His handshake wouldn’t let go.


Time, sometimes I hate you

because of your insistent march,

your incessant boom

marking where you are

and where you were.

I see where you are going

parallel to what is happening,

and where you’ve been too.

I see the distant helicopter

and hear its strange throbbing

history written by you.

An empty shell,

a fallen poppy,

burning orange against

a cold worn slab.

I see the church, the yew,

the eulogy,

organic prayer rising

from the earth

as trunk and branch and leaf.

I see a giver, and a thief

but sometimes I hate you

for all my reunions,

my handshakes that won’t let go

and sad imperfect endings.

Death it seems, is our missing season.

In Tony, did I see you Time,

laughing for a reason?


The Song of Running Away

This is a video poem made on location, the place, the  subject of the poem. Please click on the orange link to see it.


Robert Lowell, the poet, once said ” Meaning varies in importance from poem to poem, and from style to style, but it is always only an element in the brute flow of composition. Other elements are pictures that please or thrill for themselves, phrases that ring for their music or carry some buried suggestions. For all this the author is an opportunist, throwing whatever comes to hand into his feeling for start, continuity, contrast, climax and completion. It is imbecile of him not to know his intentions, and unsophisticated for him to know too explicitly and fully.”

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Agincourt is a poem written and read by me through the eyes of one of the five hundred Welsh bowmen loyal to the king who took part in the battle of Agincourt. There are various figures for the total archers present but five thousand is typically given. Goose feathers were a good feather for the making of arrow flights. The battle is also infamous for the slaughter of the French wounded and French prisoners which occurred when King Henry thought another attack was iminent and they would take arms again.  To listen please click on the orange link below.  Hope you enjoy sharing this venture into what I call sound-imagery. Thank you for listening. Best wishes. Neil