This philosophical prose-poem is part of a series I wrote after a brush with cancer eleven years ago, something that not only focuses the mind but sends many patients on a path to discover answers about life and the purpose of life, I remember wondering what the point of it all was? Who am I really? What have I been put here for? What happens now? What is death like? What is sleeping about? What should I do? Of course I tried to be positive too and never stopped working at that. I did everything I could to help my body and mind. On my journey I realised that we are all the sum total of our experiences, and ever will be, and that there is a higher consciousnous of life that we can lead, one of awareness of life itself. I realised that every person is given a gift. My poetry is often complex, containing many layers and signposts, but words are much like tapestries and embroideries, each stitch, each part renders the whole, and sometimes after looking at the detail we see how it all works when we actually stand back and take it all in holistically. If one accepts impermanance as part of this great gift of life, then what matters is not how long we live, but the quality of life we lead. This very much relates to the title of my poem. Thanks for listening. I may post the others in the series where I explored the concept of immortality. Meanwhile thanks for listening to this one.
To listen just click on the orange link below. Best. Neil


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