Exploring Narrative

Hello all poetry, music, sound and art lovers out there. This is a post about exploring narrative in its many forms. Many people tend to think of prose when mentioning narrative and it is not surprising when we consider that narrative is closely aligned to the art of story telling. Not far behind prose and sometimes hand in hand with it is poetry, where we see a vast amount of narrative writing that concentrates the prose into a different level of sensitivity we regard as poetic.

I believe another form of narrative is sourced from within music, classical music or instrumental music for example, or ambient music. This is where our own imagery supplies internal visual responses that are our own subconscious, our inner selves responding to sound alone, sometimes aided by the title of a piece which points us in a certain direction. Stories have the capacity to set scenes as do soundscapes and from these launch-pads it is possible to experience a sense of journey and wonder. Lyrics and sound combined also give us a clear narrative to follow, either through complete journeys or open ended phrasing.

It is this holistic sense of journey triggered by the various mediums which captivates me, and in sharing this blog I hope I’m reaching out to anyone out there who resonates with a need to explore.

One of the greatest conveyors of ‘places and people’ through narrative that I’ve come across is the much published poet and writer Sherry O’Keefe. I recommend reading her work and I think you will find a wonderful depth to her writing. She is a talented photographer too and the photographs themselves (that accompany some of her blogs) offer more than face value, frequently showing a brilliant sense of composition and often capturing an essence of the subject. The way she embraces narrative is to be acutely insightful, with an ability to deliver observation at a level exceeding simple prose. I hope you will follow this link and see for yourself how this marvellous contemporary writer weaves a magic spell through narration. The ancient art of story telling lives on.
You may have to copy and paste the above link into your browser as it hasn’t highlighted.

Still exploring this theme of narration, I offer you three more links to explore, featuring three pieces of my own, each with a story to tell, each in it’s own way and I hope you will go on a different journey in each case.

This track is a soundscape called ‘Sun Rising On an Aztec Temple’.

This instrumental track is called Rosebud Blooming (actually about a woman going through a bitter separation )

This track of spoken word and music combined with my poetry is a dark piece.

I hope that you can listen and visit the links to explore the variety in terms of narrative, and here’s to you all in creativity, and especially your involvement with narration as a writer or reader, or indeed listener. Sincere thanks and best wishes. Neil


One thought on “Exploring Narrative”

  1. i came to visit you and was surprised to find me here already. thank you. i’m never sure if when i speak, does the sound carry beyond my own lips.

    but enough about me- you with all these dimensions. each link is another realm and yet i feel the link between all three. today i read a george carlin quote “those who dance are considered insane by those who can’t hear the music.” and i thought of you- the way you hear in between the wave lengths. (esp am reminded now of the beginning of the sun/aztec piece you did). yesterday someone told me i deluded myself when i said i know there is communication between “species”, and that the delusion was forgivable if that is what got a person through the night. but, i don’t agree about it being a delusion……how can one person say something doesn’t exist because he can’t hear it, when all around us is “proof” that such sounds/”sounds” do exist. and then there is you- you are further proof.

    but i wasn’t looking for proof. but to share that sound, what happens in between the wave lengths- yes. that was why i stopped by.

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