Continuing along the lines of my post regarding narration I return again to my love of poetry that derives from promptings without words. Much as I love linguistic poetry and the written form of it I also love the concept of poetry which can be seen in almost anything.

It is about imagery and a place that something, anything, takes you to. A place that is perhaps outside of the ordinary routine we all find ourselves in. In terms of classical music I think one of the most powerful pieces for me that has a way of affecting my state of mind is Barber’s Adagio for strings. I absolutely adore that piece of music. A more contemporary piece of instrumental music that affects me is Leonard Cohen’s Tacoma Trailer. I never get tried of listening to such music. How it works and why a piece of music can have the ability to convey an essence of feeling in this way is hard to articulate. I only know it does, much the same as Emily Dickinson’s poem Toward Eternity does, and many other poems too.

The creative spark behind this piece of music that I’ve produced here is my memory of the Mawdach Estuary in Wales. The journey along the road towards Barmouth is extraordinary in its beauty as the view unfolds between leafy trees that host one’s winding car journey. The effect is to lift the inner spirit and I often reflect that the great painter William Turner must have experienced this as I know he painted Barmouth town looking back from the wide and inviting beach, the apron which offers its smooth contrast to Barmouth’s mountainous backdrop.

There is something uplifting about oystercatchers wheeling in the breeze before alighting upon the glass-like mudflats, something hopeful about the tide smoothing its incoming waters along the channels that vein the estuary, something alive about it all. I hope you enjoy what I like to call my music-poem. Best wishes. Neil


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