Neil’s Art 2

Some more paintings of mine, watercolours, from some years ago. The owl was an exercise in trying to capture the eyes, the flower study was done in one go in a still-life class at a one day painting summer school, and the two trees in a winter field (a local scene where I live) became the subject of a poem much later which is meant to be a story but is as yet unfinished. The smaller bird is a pen and ink exercise if I remember correctly. The Venice cartoon is a repost to keep them together and details are in my last post. I hope someone enjoys them.


Neil’s Art

I haven’t painted for many years but decided to re-visit some that I still have after being inspired by the blog Pencils, painting and pixels, where the brilliant artist Brenda Stonehouse has committed herself to doing something each day. I don’t really know why I stopped and I’m feeling the stirrings of creativity once again. I’ve been concentrating on writing and computer-music but I hope that I can find my way back into painting too. I’m self taught but was once a member of a Watercolour Society for about four years although I think watercolour as a medium finally defeated me and perhaps that is why I stopped. This one is what I call a cartoon and I painted it following a holiday trip to Venice and whilst there I forced myself to stand in public and make sketches. That was a real bottle-tester for me, rather like speaking or performing in public, extremely challenging, especially when you doubt that you have any real ability at all. This one was done later from photographs. I know it was completed one morning which I remember as being my best creative time of the day. I tried to be loose and direct in the execution of it moving the whole arm rather than the wrist and it was done standing up. I find it funny now that I can remember such details about doing it. I hope someone enjoys looking at it.
Best wishes. Neil