Sound sculpture

Why do I call this a sound sculpture? Well, it has to do with the fact that I realised as I was creating it and making adjustments by code manipulation that it was in fact just like sculpting a sound sample or using a pallette knife on an oil painting. The end result is a representational study where the sound-imagery depicts something for each listener. I was going to use this as a sound bed for a poem but I have decided to leave it to stand as it is. In terms of my concept I was going to write a poem about someone following their brother into the factory and that sets the tone for their life. They like christmas and their one holiday per year and an otherwise mundane existence is punctuated by occasional rare events. This probably does represent the lives of some people and I have certainly known people who fit into this like a glove and they were wonderful working class folk who I still hold very dear in my memory. Maybe the sound-sculpture will not be like that for you, but maybe the sounds are so strong that it will. Matters not really, but I just wanted to share my creativity with others and that is reward enough for me. Best wishes. Neil