Rascally Weeds

This is a poem inspired by weeds I have seen clinging high up on buildings with only the mortar between the bricks to offer a foothold. This never ceases to amaze me as they defy the power of the wind and the rain, survive the frost and the snow, and say everything about the power of mother nature. It is a free verse poem.

Rascally Weeds.........a poem by Neil william Holland a.k.a. Soloneili, thepoetinthecar

Rascally weeds in tiny crevices
wild on Peregrine-cliffs of lofty towers.
Clinging tight in winds that flow
through lanes of pinioned bowers.

You flourish proudly in man's mortar
steadfast in reclamation,
of mother earth and green-belt slaughter
atop your barren station.

Rascally weeds on high I see you
float your fractal cells in air,
defying all man tries to do
your life-force chiding everywhere.

Rascally weeds of flower and tendril leaves
resplendent in your mother's power.
What clinging mischief nature births,
on mankind's concrete tower.



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