International Exhibition

I’m very fortunate to have this poem ‘The Ghosts Of Who We Are’ included in an exhibition currently open in Leicester, UK at the Phoenix Art Centre in The Cube Digital Gallery located there. If you are interested in sound enhanced poetry, the whole thing is well worth exploring.

On the evening of 10th April 2014 I attended a discussion at the location where I met some amazing and talented people for which I will be ever grateful, and in particular to Curators Mark Goodwin and Brian Lewis of Longbarrow press. Here is a further link to more material

If you are interested in experiencing a truly international range of spoken word, poetry, video and sound then I highly recommend a visit. The facilities are excellent, parking is next door and a cafeteria is on hand. Marvellous.
Inspired by the exhibition and armed with my portable recorder I ventured into Leicester city centre that same day, made some field recordings and created this additional poem. Clicking on the title of the poem will bring up the words and some observations.
I hope you enjoy…




One thought on “International Exhibition”

  1. your voice and your ear, your spirit would be well received at the poetry storehouse. i’ll leave a link. it’s a project where poets submit their poems and others (someone like you) are welcome to record the poem, create a video, or a soundtrack with that poem and submit it to the poetry storehouse. it’d be good to experience what you do, here at this site. you can find a few of my poems presented by others at this site, but that isn’t why i wrote. i wrote to direct you to something you might be interested in. meanwhile, the post about the petal going 8 blocks connected to three balloons here. -s

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