Reading Emily Dickinson


One of the beautiful things about poetry is that of living it, by that I mean climbing inside it by reading and thereby trying to make the poem come to life in a physical way. Hearing is a physical process and to make that happen one has to speak the words. I find this makes me connect more with the intent of the poem. Very often this will be affected by how I received the poem when first reading it to myself silently. I have found though that reading the poem aloud makes me far closer to both the poem and the poet. Liking a reading is a subjective thing, but I have no doubt that as a reader aloud I am always richer for it. This poem is one of my favourites and the way I received it from Emily seemed to be conversational in nature, hence my somewhat reflective interpretation. I hope you take something from it and of course please even try it for yourself, it is widely available, and see if you become richer for the experience too.

You can find my reading by visiting my blog and checking out the page

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2 thoughts on “Reading Emily Dickinson”

  1. It’s good to see you’ve been busy. I’ve started following your Bandcamp page, too, and will buy the download soon.
    Of course poetry should be read aloud. And of course you’ll look like an idiot in public places but that’s a fair price for a better grasp of a poem.

  2. Great to see you Michael. A major computer crash, a six times postponed operation and now learning to use a mac and also windows 10 seem to have stalled most of my work and interests but I am getting back now. I think it is quite hard to motivate oneself to read aloud and much more challenging than people might think yet it does really bring one closer to a poem. Thank you for visiting and as I said it is really great to hear from you……….Regards Neil.

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