Hello, I’m growing older day by day, married with two adult children and three beautiful grandchildren. I have written under the avatar of Soloneili but recently decided to be myself, Neil William Holland, literally. I enjoy composing and producing music via my computer and I also enjoy creative writing. I first became interested in poetry in about 2005 and I’ve now found and joined a local creative writing group. Most of the spare time in my life has been devoted to sport and coaching but I felt I needed to explore literature, something I’ve never had the time or opportunity to do before so I gave up all my sporting ties. I was the head trainer at a professional boxing stable and when I found that Byron enjoyed boxing that was it! I was smitten. After reading many of the classic poets I turned my attention to contemporary poetry and also progressed to trying my own hand at writing. 2011 has seen me give the first public performance of one of my poems at a fund raising event in aid of dyslexia. I like poems that entertain and ones that you can burrow deeper into for other meanings. I don’t usually tend to follow the metronome of regular meter but I love the natural rhythms of language and phrasing, the sonic melody of phonetics, and sometimes the counterpoint of broken rhythm too. All genres of poetry appeal to me and I enjoy writing in anything from a contemporary style to a more historical tone of voice. It’s all about connecting with something I believe. I also record some of my poems as I find they have yet another dimension through intonation. I thoroughly enjoy reading the poetry of others and always try to look at the heart of what is being said, that is the place I find the poetry, in the heart. I really hope you find something to enjoy in this selection of my work, and thank you for giving me your time………..
Neil William Holland

Much has happened since I started on my poetry journey, below is some detail I was asked for which I think shows my path so far to 20/09/2016.

Neil William Holland is a member of City Voices and Newcastle Writers in Staffordshire. The former professional boxing trainer began writing and recording in 2005. His poetry has been listed in the Valentine section of the Poetry Foundation, and broadcast on the cult Portamento radio station in Mexico City and The Poetry Corner of Pacifica National Radio. In 2014 his work appeared at the international exhibition Poems, Places & Soundscapes at the Cube Digital Gallery, Leicester, England. He has written poetry for a wedding and had poetry used as the basis for a lesson in the Unitarian Church. His work has also been performed at a multi writer event held at Staffordshire University in aid of dyslexia. He believes that words need partners and is currently collaborating with artists in the U.S.A, Austria and the UK.

In 2014 Neil’s poetry was performed by an actor at the Colourscape Festival in Rotheram and on 13th Sept 2015 Neil performed at Colourscape London in collaboration with Sound-artist and composer David Stevens who used his specially developed software to creates atmosphere and sound-beds on the fly entirely from Neil’s spoken word as the poetry is recited live.


poetryandothersounds.wordpress.com/2013/03/02/meant-to-be-heard-neil-holland/ poetrystorehouse.com/




12 thoughts on “About”

    1. I cannot believe I’ve missed this Tracy. My humble apologies but better late than never. I really appreciate finding this and thank you very, very much. Best wishes…Neil

  1. Hello Neil, Nice to find your blog. Have read some of your poems and I’m very impressed, especially by how you see depth in everyday things.
    Language certainly has its own rhythm and I do believe that when you tap into that, good things happen.
    Intend sitting myself down later with a cuppa and having a longer browse around your site.

  2. I do indeed like your introduction which I thoroughly enjoyed… the how of it you came to read and write, and your open mind approach to poetry. Just great! I look forward to reading your work. And thanks for your interest in my scribbles… JJ

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