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Been there, done it, read it.

Well I did it. Just as in the photo below which is self explanatory I duly stepped up to the plate as one of those chosen to read their own story from the anthology. I don’t know if any of you have ever done this but I must say I felt nervous but somehow pushed myself to conquer those nerves.

Mine is quite a sad story which I will publish on here in due course as it is only around 850 words, and I confess to being caught up a little in the emotion of the story which could be seen and felt by the audience (based on feedback) but I can’t help feeling that being human may have added to the read rather than taking away anything from it. I hope so anyway. The room was full, really well attended, and just goes to show that interest in literature at a local level is thriving in my area.

If you have never read your own creativity in public I recommend it as an experience where one learns quite a bit about one’s self. I found yet again that live performance is different to the comfort of recording stuff behind the anonymity of a microphone which also I enjoy doing.

It’s all part of my writing journey which I like to share on here, just as I like to read about other people’s writing journeys. Public speaking can be quite daunting, not for everyone, but I do feel richer for having done it once more, and I think I have gained a bit more confidence for another time too. First, there is the tricky matter of writing a short story that might be considered good enough. Fingers crossed and here we go again.



Creative Writing Powers On

I’m very pleased that a short story of mine has been included in the below anthology and I’m one of six readers selected to read our own stories to the audience at the launch. Microphone, lectern and lighting here we come. Slightly nervous but hey, time to stretch horizons again and just go for it. Speaking in public has never daunted me but I do find it is very different when it’s your own creativity and knowing the audience are all story enthusiasts. This kind of speaking makes me nervous. No pressure then! All part of the journey.