Mucklestone Races

This is a poem written and read by me, based on Mucklestone races which is a point-to-point horse event (with jumps) held once a year in country fields at the heart of England near the Shropshire Staffordshire border. When it’s over the race course reverts to farmland. It’s based on true events, characters and observations aquired from when I occasionally helped out which I hope I’ve distilled into an essence, and captured some of the sheer eccentric Englishness of it. We’re talking champagne, portaloos and picnic hampers and a very traditional affair that brought together many of the country-set. Essentially it was always a wonderful day out for all concerned. I hope you enjoy the poem and peace to all. Best wishes…Neil


2 thoughts on “Mucklestone Races”

  1. Crikey I’m so sorry for being way to slow to answer your post. The truth is I don’t know yet how to add these things. I do apologise. I simply thought people just chose to follow. I’ll look into it now. Best wishes to you…Neil

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